AQUATICITY projectTitle: «Aquaticity development via music and play activities in the water in school children»

Definition of the term “Aquaticity”
Development of an “Aquaticity Assessment Test” for children
Development of an intervention programme for enhancing “Aquaticity” in children

The Aquaticity assessment test will become a valuable tool for those working in the field of water sports, especially with children
An Aquaticity intervention programme can be used by trainers, coaches and other health care providers for the development of physical and mental  rehabilitation schemes

​​Personnel involved:​
Danai Varveri (PhD candidate), Giorgos K. Sakkas, Christina Karatzaferi, Elizanna Polatou

Related Publications:
Aquaticity: An introduction to the term and an investigation of its characteristics in humans. Varveri D, Karatzaferi C, Pollatou E, Sakkas GK. Submitted for publication